Trojan Women

UIL OAP Cast List

Breedlove, Lindsey      Woman  #4  {the daughter, an innocent} 

Brennan, Claire             Stage Manager

Campbell, Haedan       Scenery

Comer, Gabriella          Woman   #6  {The healer}

Davis, Zak                       Lighting and Research

Dotson, Corban            Poseidon

Dryden, Madison          Woman #1 {The Mother, a painter}, Scenery

Ekeroth, Emily               Helen, Lighting mentor

Furnival, Sophia             Andromache, understudy Hecuba

Garcia Diaz, Jasmine    Guard, Backstage Lights

Hagwood, Caro              Woman #3 {The wife, a beauty}, Props & Costumes

Hale, Catelyn                   Guard, Props

Hazzard, Callie                Cassandra, understudy Helen

Hooper, Haley                 Costume, Hair, Masks

Houze, Jasmine              Props and Research

Johnson, Ethan               Sound

Marshall, Kingsley          Woman #2 {The sister, the gossip}

Murphy, Julia                   Woman #7, {The Goatherd} understudy Cassandra, Andromache

Powderly, Thomas           Talthybius

Quinn, Peter                     Dramaturgy

Rose, Abigail                     Hecuba

Seeds, Megan                  Woman #5 {The Craftswoman}

West, Sarah                       Research

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